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My big adventure begins!

O–M–D, WHERE do I start?! Since my first blog post, there have been SOooo many days, nights, drives in my car, sleeps in my mobile den, places, people, kids, pats, sticks, dogs, other creatures (some a bit scary!), and, best of all, SO MANY SMELLS, that I can’t decide what to tell you about first! […]

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Best weekend EVER!

OMD, that was the BEST WEEKEND EVER!! Truly, I don’t really know what ‘weekend’ means (because dogs don’t count time the same way that humans too), but I always know when it’s happening, as Mum comes home and says ‘Banjo… It’s the week-END!’ She always seems very happy when she says it, and always pauses […]

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Dreaming of adventure

This website is under construction while Banjo plans his adventure.

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